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Game day pictures.

This football season I’m going to try my best to make every Game day pic of Finn into a full illustration. I have been so focused on Character design I feel like I have neglected doing full Illustrations. Recently my family and I moved back up to Utah. My wife got her dream job at the university so it feels like doors have really been opening up. Here are a few of the preseason pieces I have done and some of the old NFL football babies I did last year.  


Gesture is a laying in of the action, form, and pose of a model/figure. As the artist you are the actor, costumer and everything in between. It is important to know how to push the body and the emphasize the things you need to make your character a character. So if you have a Karate character its not unusual to make the chest wider and boxer then the legs.  So you focus on the strength. Also we talked about the flour sack exercise that Walt Disney started in the 30’s to find how the body twists.

This weeks homework was to take our Harry potter character and put them in a pose. Then to find a model to emphasize.   


The face is the first thing people look at. And consequently its the first thing an audience hones in on. If the face isn’t pleasing or purposely hideous the character design will fall apart with it.

You guessed it this week was all about the face. 

Shape Language

What is Shape Language. An artist use different shapes to give the audience a quick read of the character. Circle-kind, Square- sturdiness, Triangle-Sharp fast, Cylinder-softer good feel and sturdy as well. Sharper the edges the quicker the read of a villainous character.

This week was about getting to know our characters a little better. Using the previous Characters we were to explore the 3/5 view of the character. Shaun pointed out in our one on one of some things i need to think about. Like where the fat hangs on a person and using the silhouette to build the character not just random shapes. Then using the shapes to see it all the way through the form. 



Think about some of your favorite characters. Every Character you think of has a specific Silhouette to them. You know who they are just by their shadow. Silhouette is very important when creating a character. With out it your character could be boring or lack luster. They could be carrying a cake but when its in shadow you would never know, unless you open the character up.

For this next week we learned about how to make a readable character using just that. Starting with your main theme and then building characters off of that. The homework given was to create a good guy and bad guy form Harry Potter. I chose Peter Petigrew and Luna Lovegood.  After you get the character where you want it. You push the features to find that third thought. 

The art of Observing- Class one

So for many who don’t know in the middle of March I started a mentorship with Shaun Bryant. He’s worked on a lot through his years as an artist and currently is at DreamWorks.  and are great places to keep up with all he’s doing.

The mentorship has been all about Character Design specifically for television animation. In the first class we were given the homework of doing 100 hands and cafe sketches but using the fundamental principals of art to do so, Ie: texture, line, color, space ect. Forgetting the usual line allows you to be quick at observing. Maybe its just a quick shape or the way the color of the shadow is. Day one I took my Sketch book and did my usual process. Through the week I began to experiment more.